Anthony Moor

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/ˌtrænsfərˈmeɪʃən/ n. 1: a process of change from one form to another.

Anthony Moor is a Senior Director of Product Management for Content at Move Inc. in Silicon Valley, developing news and advice, local, community, search and advertising experiences for 

He developed the company's content and ad strategy and jump-started dormant SEO efforts with his product and editorial staff.  He also led his team to launch's first on-demand video channel, featuring original and syndicated features about everything home and real estate.

Moor came to the company, a News Corp. subsidiary, after nearly six years at Yahoo, where his product roles included mobile search and co-branded Yahoo portals for partners.  As Director of Editorial Operations, he focused on strategy, media operations and news product development.

Yahoo originally brought Moor in to develop its local news presence.  As Managing Editor, he hired a small team of talented digital editors across the country, who launched news and information experiences for hundreds of U.S. neighborhoods and cities.

Experience in all branches of media publishing -- digital, newspapers and broadcast -- has informed Moor's professional resume.  During a disruptive time of media transformation, he transformed too, from TV reporter to digital editor to media product developer.

Moor's first adventures in media were as a student, where he spent countless hours at WCFM, the radio station of Williams College.  He reported news and community affairs, spun discs as a morning DJ and served as the station's general manager.  His academic majors were in Astrophysics and American Civilization, disciplines which foreshadowed his later pursuit of the structured logic in software development as well as the instant communication of history through media.  He took a job offered by an alum in Tokyo to work as an evening news editor at the ABC News bureau.  He soon found work freelancing for CNN and anchoring an English-language newscast for a Japanese cable TV station.

Returning to the U.S. after several years which included a 'round-the-world backpack trip, Moor signed on as the state capitol bureau chief in Santa Fe for a New Mexico TV station, and then as an investigative reporter in Buffalo. 

It was in San Francisco that Moor developed his interest in interactive media.  At KRON-TV during the first dot-com boom, he covered fledgling ventures with names such as PayPal, Netscape, RealAudio, Hotwired, Quokka and PointCast.  The lure of the Internet startup eventually enticed him to join a broadband business news pioneer named On24, as a financial correspondent.  That endeavor lasted less than a year into the dot-com bust.

In the 2000s, Moor served with distinction as editor-in-chief of several regional newspaper websites.  At the Rochester (NY) Democrat and Chronicle, he devised the paper’s TV convergence strategy, and his team won a 2003 OJA for creative use of the medium.  While he was at the helm in Orlando, his site,, won a 2007 Knight-Batten Award for Innovation and was a 2006 Online News Association general excellence finalist.  And under Moor's leadership, The Dallas Morning News digital edition was honored with RTNDA’s Edward R. Murrow Award as best non-broadcast website.

Moor has served on the board of the Online News Association where he directed the Online Journalism Awards.   He was one of the first two digital editors appointed to the board at ASNE, the American Society of News Editors.   And he's been on Oprah -- although not for any professional reason!