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Editing's a drag

Sorry, but I'm on a Buzzmachine tear tonight. Ever provocative, the blog contends editing’s a drag and makes a good point about how we use our Web systems to the detriment of the pace of news.

Jarvis talk about the editing process and how that can work against our audience. I would add to that the fact that the content management systems we use for news are similarly inadequate.

They're mostly designed to publish 'an article' to 'a spot' on 'a page' and can't keep up when the article, the spot and thepage have to change dramatically in real time.

That's why we've adopted blogs as our new content management systems in recent years -- they're much more flexible in a 24/7 environment. In most newspaper.coms these days at least 10-percent of Web traffic is going to blogs -- which are generally done outside the traditional content management system, because the 'tradtional' system just can't handle the pace of publishing necessary to maintain user relevancy.