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Will You Tube announce live streaming Wednesday?

Tech Crunch wonders in this post: What Does YouTube Have Up Its Sleeve? Guess Right, And Win An iPod Shuffle.

Live streaming would be an interesting game changer for TV station Web sites, which currently still own that capability exclusively -- but not for long!  Think what blogging has done to the ability of individuals to compete with newspaper.coms.  This development smacks of the same Alamo for TV.coms.

Later:  OK so they didn't announce live streaming.  It was a set of APIs.  But this is also pretty huge because, as Tech Crunch points out, "YouTube is not just white-labeling its video-hosting infrastructure for other sites, devices, and desktop applications. It is offering video-hosting for free."  So we could use You Tube's technology to let people upload videos from our site, comment, etc. and tap into the You Tube audience.  Downside, we don't get to upload ads etc.