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Live streaming video: The next trend to watch?

The technology to show live video on the Web is generally limited to desktop cameras or the occasional geared up gearhead who can walk around with a helmut cam.  But in January Robert Scoble pulled off live streaming video 'on the go' with a supercharged cell phone at Davos.  And now You Tube's Steve Chen has let it slip that You Tube will be supporting live video this year.  The new tech trends show Pop 17 grabbed that scoop, which you can see in Steve Outing's post: The next trend to watch.

Newspaper.coms have to start figuring out how to do live video streams.  But while the technology available today might allow for herky-jerky news conferences, the truth is it's going to be a while before anything can supplant  the very expensive TV news microwave  infrastructure to stream spot news.