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Why journalists should develop video games

I've long advocated creating games as a way of touching an audience that wouldn't otherwise care about what we write.  And we've done a few good ones at my other shops, like this taxes game

Berkeley's Paul Grabowicz explains: Why Journalists Should Develop Video Games

Video game storytelling also challenges our traditional notions about being detached, third-person, objective observers who produce stories for passive consumption by readers and viewers.

A video game reverses that relationship - the story must be written from the perspective of the player, and the story unfolds according to what the player decides to do. A game in which you try to impose on the player a rigid linear narrative is doomed to failure.

This doesn't mean the journalist's role as storyteller goes away - you're still constructing the game world and shaping the play that exists within it.

And check out the first version of what he's putting together.